General engineering class
Item Project Entrusts
the unit
Examination project Work date
1 Taipei Linkou Brewery tower trough non-destruction inspection project CTCI RT、PT 78.04
2 Gonin work site carbon steel tube prefabrication project radioactive rays inspect the project


RT 79.10
3 The peony reservoir pressure steel pipe welds the non-destruction examination project WEI-JAI Engineering RT、PT
4 The Taipei Municipal government sewage sea release tube welding meets the non-destruction inspection project SUN-MAO company RT、MT 83.08
5 Taipei expressway bridge welding non-destruction inspection SUN-MAO company RT、MT 83.09
6 Hsinchu crematory new construction non-destruction examination project CTCI RT、MT
7 CHAI-SIN chemical fiber company pipeline and equipment non-broken examination project CEC RT 86.04
8 The passes through the Songjiang District airport subway new construction steel pipe to advance the extension electric welding inspection CEC PT 87.05
9 CHEN-KAO base NO.3 and NO.5 and NO.6 spheroidal gas-holder opening inspection project Taipei gas UT、MT 97.05
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