MFE 2412 Mark Ⅱ
Magnetism leaks the examination widely to apply in the fuel tank ledger wall corrodes the examination, its principle uses the electromagnetism magnetization principle, by the DC power source initiation magnetism block, magnetism block with the ferroguinous testing contact, has the magnetic line of force principle in the test item interior, again by way of instrument's Hall sensor (HALL SENSOR) received signal. If test item high and low both sides to not have time smoothly the flaw, the magnetic line of force will not divulge, therefore the sensor will not have the demonstration, if test item high and low both sides to have time the flaw, the magnetic force will leak off in the flaw position. Therefore, the sensor can have the induction, and will demonstrate on the instrument. When has the signal demonstration, performs to mark first goes a step further again, gauges this defective area thickness and record it by other methods。
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